In starting this blog, my aim is to have a place to share my scrapbooking, card making, paintings and photos with friends and rellies. Hopefully it will inspire me to produce more....LOL. Welcome!
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project Life and some photos

Week 41 is all photos from my trip to hard to choose only a few photos for this week when I took over 2000. I still need to do an insert with journalling and perhaps a couple more pics. Never mind, I will have a chance to use them in my album!

Anyone one who was on the trip will know why I giggle to myself doing all these week 'forty' something pages...

Week 43 we spent a fabulous day at Queen Mary Falls and I filled both pages with photos from that one day. Once again I need an insert for journalling.

Week 44 has photos from several days although the second page is mostly about Debbie coming home for a few days. This time she went back a day early as she was going to a Melbourne Cup party on Tuesday and had a hair appointment on Monday.
and lastly some photos of a pair of wrens who sat on the side mirror of the car as soon as we parked at Queen Mary Falls. They were very obliging and stayed while I took some photos through the tinted window. I didn't dare try putting the window down!