In starting this blog, my aim is to have a place to share my scrapbooking, card making, paintings and photos with friends and rellies. Hopefully it will inspire me to produce more....LOL. Welcome!
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Monday, September 1, 2014

ICAD has finished

I managed 55 cards out of the pleased to have done so many and also so very happy to be making art regularly again!  I think the last one is my favourite...

Day 43

Day 44

Day 45
Day 46

Day 48
Day 49
Day 50
Day 51
Day 52
Day 53
Day 54
Day 55

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Week 6 of ICAD

Day 36. Some of the others have been doing blind contour drawing selfies so I have had a go as well. The idea is to look at yourself in a mirror and draw in a continuous line without looking at the page. Hilarious! It did improve a little after I added the colour...

Day 37.  Lots of fun doodling and colouring. This took a while.

Day 38.  This background was watercoloured first then tied together with neocolors. I added some stamping with stamps I carved during this project.

Day 39.  This one was frustrating for a while...I was loving the colours but not the composition so I cut it up and reassembled it....happy now.

Day 40.   Lots of layers including texture paste and tissue paper.

Day 41.   I collaged various scrapbook papers onto the card first then added the layers of paint and stamping.

Day 42.. Text was the prompt...I actually used one of the prompts again lol. Dictionary and tissue papers and lots of scribble and layers of paint = fun!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 5 of ICAD

 Day 29.  Doodles, washi tape, button and stitching. I love doing these.

Day 30. The prompt was red.   Lots of stuff on this paper, gesso inks, paint pen, oil pastels, stamping, tissue paper, stitching, collaged scrapbook paper and some washi tape. I kept on adding until it came together and I was happy with it lol.
Day 31.   This was done for one of the girls in the group who had a baby girl named Melody. It has been posted to her in England. Lots of layers on this one too. The base was a gelli print.

Day 32.  Fun card about a group of my friends and our coffee/lunch get togethers.

Day 33.  We have had a few days away whale watching...had a fabulous time! I made this card from pieces of a brochure collaged onto an ink sprayed background.

Day 34.   An acrylic painted background with doodles on top.

Day 35. A background of smooshed leftover acrylic paint, scribbles with tombow pens, white sharpie and gel pens, then layers of stamping.
The ICAD group has actually finished it's two months but is remaining open for the month of August to allow people (like me) to catch up and complete their 61 cards. I have a way to go but am determined to finish!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 4 of ICAD

Day 22.   More doodles   I am loving this so much. It takes time but is relaxing.
Day 23  no prompt. lots of spray inks, acrylics, home made stamps as well as a bought script stamp and collage
Day 24  no prompt. I didn't have any inspiration and started with a background I liked, added another couple of home made stamps, collaged the stamps and some torn gelli prints lettering and scribble.
Day 25  no prompt again. Just a background and some more home made stamps... then some WILD to do! I added the numbers and bracket.
Day 26  This is pen and watercolour with added stitching. I haven't done anything like this for such a long time..very pleased with how it turned out.
Day 27.  I used the prompt "beach umbrella" from last week. The background is smooshed acrylics with a little stencil work. I drew the umbrella on tracing paper, coloured it and glued it on with matte medium.
Day 28. once again no prompt. I lightly gessoed over a failed background and sprayed and splashed with inks. Some of the underneath colours still show a little which is good. I stitched the fabric squares on, drew frames with a china pencil and typed some words. Doing this was very therapeutic and it might be my favourite for this week.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 3 of ICAD

Day 15. I didn't follow a prompt but put black oil pastel down on  my card then some spray inks over the top.
Day 16. Roll the dice. I was a bit stuck on this one, then decided to use this gelli printed card that was already done. Found the picture of the dice on the internet and added some background stamping and a doodled border. Done.

Day 17. Polka dots. Spray inks and stencils in lots of layers.

Day 18. Orange.  I found a gelli print that was mostly orange and glued it to my card. Added some drops of india ink.

Day 19. Harry Potter.  I am not a Harry Potter fan and I decided to do some zentangling/doodling and added a quote. Not happy with my handwriting here lol!!

Day 20. Candy. When I first saw this prompt I began thinking of how cheap lollies were when I was a child. The nursery rhyme "hot cross a penny, two a penny" came to mind. This one was very fast to do.

Day 21. Repeating pattern.  I have used five patterns in this and varied some of the repeats slightly with their shading. Makes a big difference to the pattern! I added the silhouette to add interest.

Ready for week four now!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 2 ICAD...Index Card A Day

I am a little behind with my ICAD...but still going and still loving creating on an index card. The size is done relatively quickly and most importantly I am  working regularly and trying different things.

Day 8.  Mandala. I have never drawn one before. Some of the others did partial mandalas and I was intrigued by that and this is my effort. Looks like it is upside down here because of the date lol!

Day 9.   Alphabet. I am very happy with the soft look of this.

Day 10. The Beatles.  I tried out my new neocolors and paint pens with this one.

Day 11.  I did a collage using 1 staple...guess I cheated a little as I used some adhesive as well.
Day 12.  I had this background already done and liked it as is so I just added a favourite quote.
Day 13. The prompt was book review but I kept it simple and enjoyed doing the lettering.
Day 14.  I didn't use the prompt, instead I used a face stencil for the first time. I loved this quote because I was  a teenager in the sixties and remember all the talk about 'good girls' and 'bad girls' lol!!

Week 1 of ICAD...Index card a day!

I am so happy I found ICAD  The idea is to use an ordinary index card to make some art each day for 2 months. There are prompts and themes supplied but you can do your own thing if you choose. What I am loving is that I am getting into the habit of working regularly. I load my effort to the  group each day and love seeing what other people are doing. The standard of work is truly amazing.

Day 1....The prompt was prism but I hadn't found the list of prompts at that stage and thought it was bright or rainbow colours.

Day 2....the prompt was Circus
Day name
Day 4...Puzzle
Day 5...Galaxy
Day 6...Nail Polish
Day 7...Yellow
Overall I am happy enough with what I have done so far...some are better than others. I totally happy to be creating and playing every day!!