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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Week 6 of ICAD

Day 36. Some of the others have been doing blind contour drawing selfies so I have had a go as well. The idea is to look at yourself in a mirror and draw in a continuous line without looking at the page. Hilarious! It did improve a little after I added the colour...

Day 37.  Lots of fun doodling and colouring. This took a while.

Day 38.  This background was watercoloured first then tied together with neocolors. I added some stamping with stamps I carved during this project.

Day 39.  This one was frustrating for a while...I was loving the colours but not the composition so I cut it up and reassembled it....happy now.

Day 40.   Lots of layers including texture paste and tissue paper.

Day 41.   I collaged various scrapbook papers onto the card first then added the layers of paint and stamping.

Day 42.. Text was the prompt...I actually used one of the prompts again lol. Dictionary and tissue papers and lots of scribble and layers of paint = fun!

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  1. I love the selfie. a bit like you with mumps
    I like the one you chopped up too. So clever