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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 1 of ICAD...Index card a day!

I am so happy I found ICAD  The idea is to use an ordinary index card to make some art each day for 2 months. There are prompts and themes supplied but you can do your own thing if you choose. What I am loving is that I am getting into the habit of working regularly. I load my effort to the  group each day and love seeing what other people are doing. The standard of work is truly amazing.

Day 1....The prompt was prism but I hadn't found the list of prompts at that stage and thought it was bright or rainbow colours.

Day 2....the prompt was Circus
Day name
Day 4...Puzzle
Day 5...Galaxy
Day 6...Nail Polish
Day 7...Yellow
Overall I am happy enough with what I have done so far...some are better than others. I totally happy to be creating and playing every day!!


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  1. these are all lovely Sue, and all so different. Keep going. I want to see more