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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 3 of ICAD

Day 15. I didn't follow a prompt but put black oil pastel down on  my card then some spray inks over the top.
Day 16. Roll the dice. I was a bit stuck on this one, then decided to use this gelli printed card that was already done. Found the picture of the dice on the internet and added some background stamping and a doodled border. Done.

Day 17. Polka dots. Spray inks and stencils in lots of layers.

Day 18. Orange.  I found a gelli print that was mostly orange and glued it to my card. Added some drops of india ink.

Day 19. Harry Potter.  I am not a Harry Potter fan and I decided to do some zentangling/doodling and added a quote. Not happy with my handwriting here lol!!

Day 20. Candy. When I first saw this prompt I began thinking of how cheap lollies were when I was a child. The nursery rhyme "hot cross a penny, two a penny" came to mind. This one was very fast to do.

Day 21. Repeating pattern.  I have used five patterns in this and varied some of the repeats slightly with their shading. Makes a big difference to the pattern! I added the silhouette to add interest.

Ready for week four now!

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  1. These are getting better each week Sue. Love them