In starting this blog, my aim is to have a place to share my scrapbooking, card making, paintings and photos with friends and rellies. Hopefully it will inspire me to produce more....LOL. Welcome!
Sue xxx

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sew Easy scrapbook page

Our latest Sew Easy lesson was a scrapbook page using our (hopefully) newly acquired free motion sewing skills, painting and 2 kinds of hand made flowers. I had some yo-yo's in the right colours so I used them instead of Julie's folded roses. Some of my free motion stitching is terribly wonky, especially where the cardstock hit the side of the sewing machine and caused the stitching to go crazy....Julie did warn us of this! Luckily the flowers came in handy to cover the worst of it! All in all I am VERY happy with how this has turned out. I have used this April sketch from Handmade by Suzanne

And this is my page....


  1. Gorgeous page! Love the whole thing!

  2. What a great page! I love how you stitched around your paint doodle, your flowers are awesome, and that "oops!" face captured in the photograph is priceless! So adorable!!

  3. Love the page! Have you used sewing on pages before, or just pick that up from Julie?

  4. Sharon I have been sewing on pages for a long time but not free motion sewing. I love what you can do with this technique but need a lot of practise!

  5. This looks wonderful Sue. Love her face and the stitching is fabulous. Well done. I can see why you are pleased.